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Today I have a great pleasure and honour to chat with Andrea Unger. He’s the only trader winning the World Cup Championships 4 times! Until now no one has achieved such thing except Andrea!

He’s a fully systematic trader, and in this episode, he describes why he has chosen such trading approach.

In this episode he talks about his procedure for building and testing mechanical systems, how to know when risking more is pointless, and many other topics.

What I like especially very much in the way Andrea talks about trading, is that he’s extremely honest. He’s not promising an easy way to quickly get rich via trading, but on the other hand, he’s a great example that a passion and hard work significantly helps to be successful on the market.

I hope you will enjoy the show!

In this episode…

  • Why Andrea got interested in trading
  • Why Andrea prefers systematic trading over discretionary
  • How it happened that Andrea participated in the World Cup Championship of Futures Trading
  • How Andrea develops and tests his trading systems
  • Which markets Andrea trades
  • What is Andrea opinion about forex
  • Andrea’s approach to position sizing
  • Is Andrea making some breaks from trading, switching off all his systems
  • How does Andrea cope with the psychological aspects of trading

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Some interesting quotes

[bctt tweet=”The best discretionary trader will make probably more money than the best systematic trader.”]

[bctt tweet=”The discretionary trading is related to a specific talent that somebody has. It is more difficult to learn it than the systematic approach.”]

[bctt tweet=”When you start making money from the beginning, you start thinking it’s easy and simple, which is not the case.”]

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